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Nine Months


Every month I sit down to write this thinking I don't have much to write about and this time is no exception. Of course, every month I end up writing pages and pages!

Now, for the last time...WHERE ARE THOSE TEETH? You've turned me into the Momma who cries teeth!

Crawling is so much fun these days. It has added tremendously to our peekaboo games, as we can now incorporate hide and seek into them. If you wander away from us all we have to do is ask, "Where's Autumn?!?" and you come crawling back around the corner to find us. Of course, once you make eye contact, a lot of the time you'll go back to where you were originally headed, but sometimes we can distract you. The other day you were standing on the other side of the love seat and you started making all this racket. I looked over at you and after making eye contact you lowered your head, laughed and then popped back up! You are now initiating peekaboo games! Also, after a few rounds of "Where's Autumn" if you are lying on the ground hiding behind something, you will prolong the time between when you actually pop your head up. A lot of times I can see your reflection in the media center and you have the biggest grin on your face. It is so awesome to see the knowledge that anticipation and the unexpected makes it more funny written all over your face.

Driving is still improving. A few weeks ago you were talking up a storm all day and when we got you in the car you just back there having the best time talking to your toys. Daddy commented again how nice it will be to have you face forward. But we've still got 3 more months to go!

Daddy still sings you the "Lather Song" every night in your bath. We went through a really annoying patch where all you wanted to do was stand in the tub. The whole bath was spent keeping you on your heiney. Lately it has been much better, though I am sure we are not out of the woods yet.

Eating. Ugh, eating. You are supposed to be eating table foods by now, or at least well on your way. But we have hit a roadblock. And it is NOT FUN! We had been having such a blast with you eating baby food, but a lot of times you don't even want that anymore! If I try to feed you a piece of food you contort your body around so that your mouth is facing the back of the high chair. If you pick up a piece of food it is only to either squish it in your fingers or get our hopes up by touching it to your lips before you squish it in your fingers. C'mon Kiddo! Eat something! Other than Cheerios! You take your bib off all the time, that right there is a power struggle we don't enjoy. When you have had enough you squnch up your shoulders and grab a hold of your ears. Daddy then asks if your ears are on too tight and if they need adjusting. Your ears are your sign language for "STOP!" no matter the situation.

We went for your nine month check up on Tuesday and here are your statistics:

Weight: 19 lbs 13 oz 70%
Height: 28 1/2" 75%
Head: 18 1/4" 95%

So in other words, you've got a big head! Though looking at you, everything looks proportional.

Sleeping is still going well (thank goodness!). You go down around 8:30 and usually stay asleep until around 8 in the morning. We like that! Even being in your brace doesn't hamper you too much. We have a check up with the orthopedist on November 5th, but that is not a guarantee that you will be done with it.

You now stand for over 10 seconds at a time and a few times you've even clapped while standing! It's like a circus act! Come see the Amazing Autumn!

As for plain old fun, we took you to a pumpkin patch, which can be seen here. You and I also went to our first mom's club meeting. I also went out for an evening and left Daddy in charge! He fed you, bathed you and put you to bed, all by himself! What a great Daddy you have!

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Retrospective perspective:
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This interactive little girl we've got in you is just awesome.


Momma and Daddy

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We took Autumn to a pumpkin patch this afternoon. She fell asleep just as we were pulling into the parking lot, but perked back up once we got her out of the car. We put her on a pile o' pumpkins and went to town with the pictures! What was funny was that there were all these parents yelling out their kids' names trying to get their attention. So along with us yelling out "Autumn", there was "Addison", "Q", "Evan", "Addie" (not the same kid as Addison) and a long list of other names. There wasn't much to do there with a 9 month old, so we pretty much just took pictures and then left. We came home and I sorted through over 200 pictures. Yes, you read that right! Here are the best of the best, and a slideshow of the slightly less best of the best, and I'll leave all the rest of the pictures tucked away in my ever growing external hard drive!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Standing!

I'm Standing! from Deb on Vimeo.

And in other news, we locked her up!

Don't I get a phone call?!? from Deb on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


She crawled over, pulled herself up, slid open the doors and pulled the tissue paper out. Such fun!

Fun with Gram!

Her almost finished room...

Her response to "Where's Autumn?" when she is crawling somewhere she shouldn't is to turn around and look at us (to show us where she is!) and then continue on to wherever she was going. If she knows we have gotten up to come get her she starts double-timing her crawl and giggling to get away from us!