Saturday, August 22, 2009

19 Months

Dear Autumn,

19 months. Unfortunately as I am writing this you are 19 months and 2 weeks, plus a few days. I had all the pictures uploaded before the 22nd, but we're in th emiddle of getting the house settled and it is difficult. You have sailed through the move like it was nothing! Any of my concerns have been proven unfounded. You took over the new house. It is yours! You knew where everything was within the first day and you were settled. You slept in your pack n play for the first week and a half because we couldn't find the screws for your crib! But you did wonderfully.

Your two upper teeth have come in and are slowly moving in fully. I can't see anything on the bottom yet, but I think they are close to the surface.

I've been trying to get you ready for Mother's Day Out (me too!). More on that later.

Since things have been in an upheavel, I'll just move on to the things that I have recorded that you do day to day:

"Momma come, Momma come"
"Momma sit, sit, Momma sit"
"Momma help"
"Wrap Baby, wrap Baby" - you want us to wrap Baby in a blanket
You give kisses to Phoebe
After calling me in for my part in the bath "Mom-MA!", once I appear in the bathroom you smile and say, "Phoebe!"

Lowgurt (yogurt)
Chomp Chomp
Tall, I tall? (while standing on something)

You just picked up Daddy's Hawaiian shirt and dragged it over to me saying, "Dada!"

Man Hat (The Man with the Yellow Hat)
Hunley (Hundley)
Com (Compass)
Griuel Squirrel)
Chark-ie (Charky)

Goat (with a very pronounced "t")
Fruit bar

New House

Retrospective Perspective:

August 21, 2005

Hopefully I'll be more on the ball for your 20 month post!


Momma and Daddy