Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Misc June Photos

Her first week of summer camp and she loved it!

Eerie how similar these pictures are. Also eerie that I knew exactly where to find this picture back before she was even two months old.

Feb 14, 2008 and Jun 19, 2010

First summer playgroup at the pool!

June 7
Autumn has started using Jedi Mind Tricks on us. "You want to pick that up!?" "You want to drive me!?"

June 9
We were playing in your room and I hit my toe on the closet door. You had to know what caused that noise and when I told you it was my toe you told me to lay down and that you were going to "call your doctor." You went to get the old cordless phone from the gameroom and when you came back you knelt beside me, dialed and said,
"This is Autumn. My Mommy's toe is hurting. Okay, I call you back."
I thanked you and tried to sit up but you told me to lay back down and you called back.
"This is Autumn. My Mommy's toe is hurting. Oh! You want to come over? Okay, thanks!"
The last time you said,
"My Mommy's toe is hurting." Then you slapped my leg a few times and said, "My Mommy's leg is hurting!"

June 12
You call paper towels "wiper towels"

June 16
Ms. Diana said this was the first day she had to tell you not to do something and you dissolved into tears. Even though she had you all through the year, this camp session is the first time you've started acting out. She said she had to tell you to stop knocking over other kids' lego towers and you started bawling. She said she felt really bad that she made you cry. She was finally able to calm you down telling you that she would help you make your own tower. I told her about the time that I cried when my 7th grade English teacher told me to stop talking, so you and I are very alike!

June 25
You got the phone to call your doctor and you actually used the doctor's correct name. You said, "Dr. Ramsey" but I can't remember the last time we've used her name. Last visit was in February I think.

June 2008

June 2009

Monday, June 21, 2010

Autumn's First Movie in a Theater

I took Autumn to her first movie in a movie theater today. We went to the Studio Movie Grill because they were showing Curious George the movie. She's been in love with George since around 15 months, so I knew this would be the right one to see. Plus, she had seen the movie more than a few times and was familiar with it. She did okay for most of it. The movie was much louder than she was used to, so all the noises threw her off. She was a bit restless for awhile and wanted to sit in my lap and talk. I thought we'd have to leave a few times because you just weren't all that interested. But we stuck it out and she got to see her first movie. I was doing this sort of as a test to see if she could sit through a movie she wasn't familiar with (Toy Story 3). I think we'll wait until she's older for a new movie.

Here she is before the movie started with our ordering coaster.

June 2010 - Autumn's First Movie from Deb on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Taste of Cy-Fair

We went to A Taste of Cy-Fair, hoping against hope that it would be indoors...Nope. It was HOT and CROWDED. But it was for a good cause. They didn't expect the turnout they got, so it was madness by the food tent. We got there just as the event started and it was still chaos. The tent wasn't big enough to hold all the people, there was no flow for walking, tons of strollers (ours included) and no air flow. I got only two booths in before we parked by a trash can and sent Richard to bring samples back. I wish we had left the tent sooner and just sent Richard back in, because once we finally moved away from the tent and got Autumn out of her stroller she was soaked in sweat. Poor thing. We sat under a tree for a bit and got our bearings. Really though, we didn't eat a whole lot given that was the theme of the event. So that was a bummer, but still, good cause and it was really on my mind how lucky we are since Layla Grace was very close to Autumn's age. We walked across to the other side of the event where there was a tree covered play area for kids. There were crafts and some bouncy houses, but Autumn was just too little to hold her own in such a crowd. We found a bubble machine and camped out there for the rest of the time. They said there were over 3000 people there, and hopefully if they do it again next year they will have a better layout to make it more enjoyable.

June 2010 - Taste of CyFair from Deb on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Playing in the Rain

We had a spontaneous after dinner romp in the rain. It was great. It started to rain during dinner and it was going at a pretty steady rate. Once we were finished eating I got everyone out to the garage and and we watched the rain come down. I jumped out and ran around a few times, hoping to get Autumn to come out, but she wasn't ready yet. Richard ran out a few times as well. It took a bit, but Autumn came around and joined us. I finally ran down to the street to step in the puddles and that's when Autumn finally came out all the way and the rest you can see in pictures.

I'm sure our neighbors were watching and thinking we were crazy, but we had a blast.