Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Taste of Cy-Fair

We went to A Taste of Cy-Fair, hoping against hope that it would be indoors...Nope. It was HOT and CROWDED. But it was for a good cause. They didn't expect the turnout they got, so it was madness by the food tent. We got there just as the event started and it was still chaos. The tent wasn't big enough to hold all the people, there was no flow for walking, tons of strollers (ours included) and no air flow. I got only two booths in before we parked by a trash can and sent Richard to bring samples back. I wish we had left the tent sooner and just sent Richard back in, because once we finally moved away from the tent and got Autumn out of her stroller she was soaked in sweat. Poor thing. We sat under a tree for a bit and got our bearings. Really though, we didn't eat a whole lot given that was the theme of the event. So that was a bummer, but still, good cause and it was really on my mind how lucky we are since Layla Grace was very close to Autumn's age. We walked across to the other side of the event where there was a tree covered play area for kids. There were crafts and some bouncy houses, but Autumn was just too little to hold her own in such a crowd. We found a bubble machine and camped out there for the rest of the time. They said there were over 3000 people there, and hopefully if they do it again next year they will have a better layout to make it more enjoyable.

June 2010 - Taste of CyFair from Deb on Vimeo.

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