Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Swimsuit

After making lots of jokes about turning our baby into a sausage by stuffing her into the casing that was the green swimsuit, I went looking for a bigger size. Because it was mid-summer already, pickings were slim. I hemmed and hawed about this suit because it looked too "adult" to me. But between paying around $5 and $17.99 (for a very frilly Gymboree suit), I went with the California swimsuit. Or as Richard calls it "The Baywatch After Dark" swimsuit. Once we put it on her on Sunday I couldn't believe how cute it looked! Richard said that I would think she'd look cute if she was in a potato sack. Then I started imagining just how cute she WOULD look in a potato sack! The only problem is that now her sun hat doesn't match, but I don't think she minds.

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