Friday, April 3, 2009

Gym Class and Trip to the Grandparents

Since Autumn and I were driving up to see my parents i decided to take her to the open gym before our gym class started. I really wanted to wear her out so she would sleep longer during the car ride. Here is the little blur on the move!

So she fell asleep right before we got to the freeway, and woke up 20 min later because we ran into traffic due to construction. Stupid construction. And a stupid dump truck hitting a bump right next to us. Loud noise! She did alright on the trip. Stopped a few times, had lunch and she took another 40 min nap (not long enough!). We got there relatively quickly, even though we arrived on a Friday during rush hour. And boy was she happy to see her grandparents!

Cat Toy from Deb on Vimeo.

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