Thursday, May 21, 2009

16 Months

Dear Autumn,

This month is a bit late. Momma has been focused on getting the house ready to sell. Sort of overwhelming! We went up to Gram and Grandpa's house for Memorial Day weekend again this year. You turned 16 months on the Friday we drove up there.

You officially have 12 teeth, 6 on top, 6 on bottom, all in mirror placements. You've skipped the eye teeth on each side, top and bottom. Your first four molars weren't too terrible for you. Or us!

Eating is still a problem, but we're not as concerned as we were before. You still have a very limited list of foods you will eat. At the top of the list is still the batter off a corn dog. Not the dog, just the batter. And yogurt, or "doburt" as you call it. We still struggle with what to feed you. Especially when we go out to dinner. You are still slightly underweight for your age, according to the doctor, but you look perfect to us!

Tantrums have become more frequent. Lots more time spent walking away and letting you crumple to the floor than last month. You like to climb up on the coffee table and sit for awhile. Then you look at me and stand up. You know what I am going to say, "Sit down, or get down", but you do it anyway. And we go over it again. I tell you to put your tuchus down. Sometimes you will and sometimes you won't. And it is things like that that we go through all day.

You've gone down to one nap a day, and that time fluctuates day to day. You used to be so regular, but now I am at your mercy! 10:30? 11:45? 12:25? All fair game. They usually last a bit more than 2 hours, at least that is predictable.

Your latest words are: helicopter (elicopt), delicate (delicah), and Phoebe (feevee).

I've realized that your desire for something can increase your range for something by about 5 inches. Things have had to be put out of this new reach and climbing levels.

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May 18, 2009

Retrospective Perspective:

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Momma and Daddy

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