Sunday, November 22, 2009

22 Months

Dear Autumn,

It has been a month since you turned 22 months, and since I didn't write much down along the way, this one will be short.

I'm pretty sure you still have the same amount of teeth, no molars yet.

You LOVE Mother's Day Out. You know all the names of the kids in your class and the teacher's names as well. There is so much fun to be had there and you look forward to going to "school".

According to Miss Jennifer, therapy is going well. You go back there with her with no problems and from what I hear you are really making progress. We took you to the pediatrician's office due to a rash you had under your armpit (we think it was mostly due to dry skin) and you had gained a pound in 2 months. They were very happy with that. I'm not saying your eating habits at home have changed, but you are growing and we are happy when you put on weight.

Oct 25
Patty Cake is very popular right now. You say, "Pah cake, pah cake" and then you wait for us to continue the rhyme until we get to the roll it part. You say "row it, pah it," and then you put your finger up to mark it with a B, and then when we say put it in the oven, you put your arms out, hands up (usually pointed towards the actual oven). After we say "baby and me" you clap and say, "yay!" And a lot of times you don't wait for us to finish the whole song before you start clapping.

Oct 28
Disney Days at Cornerstone Preschool - You wore your Minnie Mouse "Trick or Treat" shirt and had lots of fun at different Disney themed stations around school.

Oct 29
You've started kissing your own boo boos. You got your finger caught in a clothes pin and said, "Ow!" but then you gave your finger a kiss. I asked if I could kiss it and you said, "No". Right after that you hit your elbow on the table and tried to kiss your own elbow!

Oct 30
Okay? Kay? You still don't say "yes" but if we ask you something and your answer is yes you say "mm hmm, okay".

Nov 1
You've started saying "me". If you want to have someone close you in a box you say, "Close me?"

Nov 7
Uncle Mike
Grandpa (instead of Granp-mah)

Nov 10
Sky, ground

Nov 18-22
Frosty snoooowman, down, broomstick in hand!

I was telling you that we were going to go home, take a bath, brush your teeth and then put you to bed. You said, "Sound good!"

While staying at Gram and Grandpa's you started saying, "Look at me!"

You are a total sponge, repeating most of what we say to you. Some of it is absorbed and repeated later, some of it is just a mimic of us saying the words.

Retrospective Perspective:
One Year Ago

Next up: Christmas!


Momma and Daddy

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