Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Misc August Photos

First day of August summer camp, theme was wild animals!

August 14
We started naked potty training today and you have done really well! You are 2 years and 7 months. There were only 2 accidents today, one tiny one where you made it to the potty and one big one where you were tooting and I think the pee coming out just confused you. In the morning, after a few times of successfully going pee you kept coming over and sitting on the potty for a few seconds each time and then getting up and leaving. You started asking for a diaper change and that's when it looked like you were going to poop. I tried to convince you to sit on the potty to poop, but you started to panic, and I didn't want to add anymore stress so I put a pull-up on you and you pooped right away. We'll work on the poop later. The best thing about rewarding Autumn's potty training with M&Ms is that she insists that we get the same number of candies as she does.

August 15
Second day of potty training. Before you and Daddy went to feed the ducks this morning you peed on the potty. Because you did that we let you wear some training panties and when you saw that you could wear them you smiled and said "they're boo-tiful!" You were so excited! You stayed dry at the duck pond and came home and peed when you needed to. You had one accident, and I think it was because you had the training pants on. You've gone a few times on your own without me reminding you. This is going really well so far!

August 16
Can I just call this day done? Autumn and I were both just crying on the kitchen floor. Ain't glamorous, folks. Autumn had been crying and whining for awhile before I joined in. She stopped crying, then started again and pointed to her face and said, "You're doing this!" in awe.

August 24
At 6:40 I turned off my alarm because 7:20 was just too early to get up. At 7:10 my other "alarm" said, "Momma, you awake?!"

August 25
During a stressful drive home from a MOMS Club event where Autumn thought we were leaving HER baby doll (when it was actually Meghan's) and she was bursting into tears every 30 seconds and I was getting shaky with hunger, I pulled out a fruit bar to eat. Autumn stopped crying and said, "What are you eating, Momma?" "A fruit bar or I'm going to lose it." "Lose what? What did you lost, Momma?"

August 27

This morning at my doctor's office I took Autumn to the bathroom. We were walking back down the hall after she had done her business and Autumn sees her Daddy across the waiting room. So she yells out, "I PEED!"

August 31
At Petco and Autumn is looking at the ferrets, hamsters and "skinny pigs"

Summer - You say "stumblelick" as a sort of "oh darn" kind of phrase. If something doesn't go right you say, "Stumblelick!"

"I won the contest!" "I'm going to win the contest!"

August 2008

August 2009

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