Thursday, September 30, 2010

Misc September Photos

Here she is making a bowl for Gram's birthday present:

Her first real corn on the cob experience.  She was pretty thrilled by it.

We took her to a Storytime at a local bookstore.  It was for Biscuit.  I don't know what I was expecting, but I got a pretty big kick out of the lady in a huge Biscuit costume who couldn't see where she was going at all.

This is the reaction I was hoping to get out of her in regards to Biscuit.  But no, here she is with her back to the stage, oohing and ahhing to a little boy in a stroller.

Here she is holding her car line sign with her name and her teacher's last name on it.  We did car line pickup last year after spring break (when all the kids in the class had made it to 2 years old) and she did great with that.  But this year (after the first few weeks of school) she could do both drop off and pick up in the car line.  I was a little nervous about how she'd do with the drop off part, since I had always walked her into her class.  We talked about it for the week leading up. I told her how another teacher (not her own) would get her out of our car, they'd help her walk to the courtyard, where she'd meet Miss Kitty and then go into the building and find her class.  And after explaining all that it made me think she might get overwhelmed by it all.  Of course, she did great.  No problems.  Greeted the teacher that got her out of the car and went on her way.  I had to drive away so I couldn't watch her walk in, but oh, how I wanted to!

Summer - You say "stumblelick" as a sort of "oh darn" kind of phrase. If something doesn't go right you say, "Stumblelick!"

"I won the contest!" "I'm going to win the contest!"

September 9
I just told Autumn, "Being silly is fine, but please don't lick the couch."

September 20
Gings and gongs and bings and bongs. I've finally determined that "Gings and Gongs" are Autumn's imaginary friends. They seemed to be just made up words when she wasn't sure what else to say, but it has slowly progressed into actual beings. Just now she came out of her room after two minutes of trying to take a nap and said, "Gings and Gongs woke me up." And then she pretended to hold each of their hands while walking down the stairs (when she realized she needed a free hand to hold onto the rail she decided to roll them down the stairs).

September 22
I asked Autumn what woke her up at 6:26 this morning. She said, "Cuz Gings and Gongs wanted me to come down and see you! And the little one woked me up!" Gings and Gongs were pulling her into the other room while I was trying to get her to come to me to do her hair this morning. She used her thumb and finger to show me how small the little one was (about an inch), but she didn't say which one of the two it was. Bings and Bongs used to be used as much as Gings and Gongs, but B&B have fallen to the wayside lately. Oh, and get this: She came home with an "All Ears Award" for listening during story time. I guess she left G&G home so they wouldn't distract her.

First morning dropoff in the car line was successful! She waved bye to me no problem. I wish there was a place I could park to watch her go in, but gotta keep moving!

September 30
Autumn is quite excited to go to "Barnes and Oval" for a Curious George story time!

September 2010 - God our Father, once again, we ask your blessing, Amen. from Deb on Vimeo.

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