Saturday, December 4, 2010

Phoebe's Birthday Party

Autumn was invited to a Princess birthday party by her friend Phoebe from our playgroup. Specifically a Disney Princess party. Autumn is clueless about princesses, so I wasn't sure what to do. Luckily, she knew who Tinkerbell was, so we borrowed a dress up outfit from some friends. I get that Tinkerbell isn't a "princess" but I wasn't going to introduce all the princesses just for a party when she isn't all that interested in them. She isn't really a dress up kind of kid, so if she seems a little hesitant in the costume, that is why.

Here she is sort of fake smiling because she's not so sure about everything.

Getting a closer look.

Showing off her wings!

So we get to the party and see some friends and everyone is dressed up in princess costumes.  She does pretty well running around with everyone until...Belle shows up.  This "young lady" (I put that in parenthesis because I really have no clue how old she was, but she wasn't a teenager) in a huge yellow dress and a large wig comes in with a booming princess voice.  So, here is how my daughter reacted.

Hiding behind that chair.  I tried to coax her out, but it took awhile, and also her best friend, Anna, to get her to come to the front of the chair where the other guests were already watching Belle's performance.

Here are the two girls looking towards their mommas because they are a bit concerned about Belle.

Finally starting to warm up!

Captive audience.

I must say that her favorite part of the party was the balloon.  She was very concerned that she wasn't going to be able to take it home and kept asking me to keep an eye on it for her.

And, here is Belle!

Autumn's first time playing Hot Potato at a party. I don't know that she knew exactly what was happening at first, but she has really good deductive reasoning and is very good at watching to see what others are doing. Poor Anna was the first one out and I was afraid she was going to be really upset but she took it like a champ. I think if Autumn was out first she would have been really confused and upset. Though I think it helped that they got a necklace when they were out.

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