Friday, May 16, 2008

Who Is This Baby?

This cannot be the same baby that took two people 2 whole hours to put to sleep last night. This baby that would relax so sweetly against your shoulder, with her arms limp at her sides, slowly folding herself into an accordion. And then as soon as you got near the pack 'n' play would stiffen into a wailing, screaming board. Oh, there were times that we would actually get her in the pack 'n' play, wrangle our arms out from underneath her body (one leg at a time at one point) and then slowly back away like she was a bear we had suddenly come upon in the woods. We'd even get back to our study and sit down at our desks. And then the whimpers would start. Quietly, softly and then grow into wails. And the whole process would start over.

I think she slept for a few hours until she woke up and Richard got up so that she doesn't expect food from me whenever she wakes up. I guess he ended up on the couch with her because when his alarm went off he wasn't in bed. Two weeks ago she was sleeping for 6 hours. One week ago she was sleeping for 8.5 hours. And now we're back to three hour stretches.

And now, this morning, after rolling over a few times and getting so upset that she was now on her belly each and every time, THIS HAPPENS! I put my coffee cup in the kitchen, come back in ready to put her in the bouncy chair and spend the next 30 min convincing her that she needs a nap and she's on her belly absolutely still. Her eyes were open, but she was very calm. I probably shouldn't have, but I stuck the pacifier in just for insurance. A couple of minutes later and she was ASLEEP! I had to get the camera to document this for Richard, hoping the camera noises wouldn't wake her up!

Of course, she's only been out for 15 min and her normal naps only last about 30, but at least I didn't waste 30 min trying to get her to sleep!

Who's baby is this, anyway?

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