Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Children's Museum and Lunch with Daddy

I took Autumn back to the Children's Museum. Since we have the year pass we decided to go and then meet Daddy for lunch downtown. She had a lot of fun running around. It got busier as the morning went on, so I think the next time we go I'm going to try to get there right when it opens. Also, the area for tots has a limit of 2 years old, which I didn't realize. She's going to turn 2 in 3 months, but she will probably still be small, so hopefully they'll still let her in. The rest of the museum is still to old for her. Maybe we'll be able to find some things we've missed in the past, like the outdoor stuff (now that it is cooler), to keep it interesting and worth the drive.

We picked up Daddy and then went to lunch at a sandwich place. She fell asleep as we were leaving downtown after dropping Daddy back at work. And she slept HARD. So 30 min later when we got home she was AWAKE. Hopefully next time since we'll be getting an earlier start it won't be past nap time when we leave and she won't be so tuckered out.

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Karen said...

The water works part is super fun. And is even better when it's sunny since getting wet might mean being cold. Take an extra outfit. Even I got splashed a bit :-)