Tuesday, December 22, 2009

23 Months

Dear Autumn,

One more month until you turn 2! With the holidays and sickness and travel it has been rather hectic around here. Things have been progressing the same as the past few months. You love "school", Christmas decorations and FROSTY THE SNOWMAN!!! We sing it all the time, read the book all the time, and you play with your Frosty mechanical dancing/statue thing all the time.

December - Frosty the Snowman! from Deb on Vimeo.

December - A Christmas Medley from Deb on Vimeo.

Teeth count is still the same, though sometimes you stick your fingers in your mouth and I wonder, but when we brush them I don't see any new ones. A few months back I bought a ladybug that you stick on the mirror and it holds your toothbrush. This has made brushing your teeth a joy! So much fun to get the toothbrush out of the ladybug and use it. You say, "ladybug in the toothbrush!" Backwards, but so cute!

Still going to eating therapy, and we have added occupational therapy to try to strengthen your core. Still filing it away under "can't hurt, can only help". We'll see how much you weigh at your 2 year appt. It seems like you are getting bigger, but are still small compared to other kids. We went to a birthday party where most of the kids were older and you looked so tiny!

Here are my notes from this month:

December 5
We'll say, "frosty the snowman, was a" and you say, "joldy-happee-stol"

December 9
Baby Chee! (Baby Jesus)

December 10
Cute, Pretty

December 12
You sing, "frosty snowman" and then we say, "was a" and then you say, "joldy-happee-stol, corncob-pie-button-nose-two-eye-coat!" all very fast.

December 14
I cute!
Is snugging (snuggling)

Retrospective Perspective:
One Year Ago


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