Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas at MDO

Here is our decorated Christmas tree. The next morning we woke up to find that it had fallen over (or was helped by Phoebe).

On December 8th we had a Christmas craft evening at Autumn's Mother's Day Out. It was a foggy night, and really HOT in the sanctuary, so when I turned on my camera the lens fogged up. That is why there is a certain glow to these pictures. Autumn seemed to enjoy it, but it was so hot and crowded that we got in and got out really fast.

These pictures are from December 16th. Her class had their Christmas party and got to see Santa. I showed up just in time to see her class standing up with Santa. One of her teachers was holding Autumn and another little boy, both on the verge of tears. At one point the teacher had to put Autumn down because the other little boy really started crying. They got their picture with Santa, but there wasn't much joy! When Autumn saw me she was a little weepy and I had to hold her for awhile once we got back to her classroom. But if you ask her about Santa, she'll say, "Autumna sit Santa lap!" Which couldn't be further from the truth!

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