Friday, January 22, 2010

24 Months = 2 Years!

Dear Autumn,

You're 2! Okay, when I'm writing this in May you are more than 2, but since I want it to be in January when I need to look back at this information I am dating it the correct day.

It seems like January was a long way away, so there isn't a whole lot of specifics that I remember other than what I wrote down in my notes as you did them.

Dec 31, New Year's Eve fireworks
"Fireworks, bam, bam, in the sky, sparkly, Autumn cry"

Jan 6
I told Autumn that the Christmas tree is going away tonight. She's spent a lot of time processing that. "Take away Momma Dadda tree, outside, it's gone! Dadda home, outside, take away, uh-huh!"

Jan 4
Garbage trash (instead of can)

Jan 5
You'll say, "Watcha Goerge?" and if I say "no", you'll say, "Watcha Tigger and Pooh?", and if I say "no", you'll say, "Watcha Mickey Mouse?"

Jan 8
If you do something and I tell you that if you do it again I will take it away from you, you hand it to me and say, "Take away?" So you get the concept, but just don't think of it as punishment. Or you will move on to something else, do something that you think I won't like, you'll look at me and say, "Take away?" It is usually something that isn't wrong so there is no reason to take it away.

Jan 10
TeeBee (TV)
MooBee (movie)
Leabe it on! (if I try to take off your clothes and you don't want me to for some reason)

Jan 11
Backcake! (excited to see your backpack just before we left for MDO)

Jan 17
No fall again!

Jan 20
You've discovered the meaning of 'need'. As in you "Neeeeeed the beggie stick" You "neeeeeeeed the lowgurt". Need!

Jan 2010 - Feeding Ducks from Deb on Vimeo.

Jan 2010 - Raking Leaves from Deb on Vimeo.

Retrospective Perspective:
One Year Ago


Momma and Daddy

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