Saturday, January 23, 2010

Autumn's Birthday Party

Gram and I decorated the cake on the morning of the party. We had a bunch of bowls of white frosting but we ended up mixing them all into colors, without leaving any white. So when we got to the eyes they ended up looking a little evil (in my opinion), but overall I think he turned out looking really cute!

Autumn's cake:

Autumn's Family Birthday Party:

G.G. and Grandpa got her this polka-dot blanket that she just loves. She has spent a lot of time under the blanket and asking Daddy to go under as well.

Here she is playing with the dolphin from the animal set we got her. After a dinner of lasagna, salad and bread we had CAKE!

Jan 2010 - More Candles from Deb on Vimeo.

Jan 2010 - Even More Candles from Deb on Vimeo.

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