Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Misc March Photos

March 1

March 10 - Rodeo Days at MDO

Her "catchup" that she made that day:

March 13
She was trying on an outfit that Gram had made for her last summer. Yes, her Christmas tree was still up. I think we took it down the next week when we were gone for Spring Break. She changed back into a long sleeve shirt and long pants.

March 26

March Notes

March 16th
Autumn's new phrases this past week: "Where are you/we going?" "What are you doing?" "What is youse (those) guys doing?" "What'r they doing?" "Where'd everybody go?"

March 22nd
Daddy called to say he was coming home from work and you said hi to him. Then you said, "Where ya been?" He said, "At work, where have you been?" You said, "At school!"

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