Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break 2010, Part 2

One of the main reasons we went up to Grapevine during Spring Break was to go to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden to see the butterflies. We went to see Butterflies in the Garden. During these certain months they release a large number of butterflies each day. We got there in the mid-morning and had to wait in line until it was our appointed time. Walking in you had to pass under this huge blower that dispenses humid air. IT WAS SO GROSS! And it was loud, so Autumn was sort of thrown out of sorts for a bit. And there were lots of people so she just didn't know what to think. The whole habitat was really humid, so I was uncomfortable. Luckily, Dad took my purse, and Mom took Autumn. That way I could take pictures of Autumn and I wasn't as uncomfortable in the humidity because I wasn't carrying my purse. We stayed in there for about 20 min but it was really crowded so we had to wait for the people to get their fill and leave. Once it had calmed down a bit we could look around better. Unfortunately, Autumn got buzzed by a few large butterflies and she didn't like that. She did enjoy the butterflies from afar, though.

After the butterfly exhibit, we went outside to look at the gardens.

She had a lot of fun running around on the grass and looking at the different flowers.

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