Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Weekend

Gram and Grandpa came down for the Easter weekend. On Friday we decorated eggs for the Easter Bunny. It was Autumn's first time and she seemed to enjoy it.

Here is her fake smile, but she really was having fun.

On Saturday we were doing a little prep work for the next day's meal and Mom had turned on a stove top burner. However, she turned on the wrong one and almost set this box of cake mix on fire. It was pretty smoky in the kitchen.

Saturday night I wasn't feeling well and ended up going to the emergency room, and then was admitted for the night. I didn't come home until after lunch, so my Mom was the host to G.G. and Grandpa who came over to spend Easter with the family. It was a really big bummer, but Autumn was happy to be surrounded by both sets of grandparents.

Autumn and Grandpa going for a walk.

Three generations!

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