Friday, April 30, 2010

Misc April Photos

April 19
I take a picture of you every morning before school. I don't remember exactly what set you off here, but I think it might have been Daddy leaving for work. This might be the only upset photo I have of you before school so far.

April 23
We went to Alec's house for his playgroup birthday party.

April 24

April 28
This is pretty indicative of the month of April. She'd fight her nap and then fall asleep on the floor after an hour.

Monthly Notes

April 10th
First trouble putting you to sleep since you were a baby. 3 hours worth of work

April 11th
We were at dinner and you were coloring the menu. You said, "A....u....(Daddy and I looked at each other) t....u....(Daddy and I were amazed)...i....(and then something really quietly)." We were SO impressed!

April 13th
First skipped nap

April 23
"How 'bout more?" "How 'bout Tigger and Pooh?" " 'bout Autumn's chair?"

April 25
"Autumn's tummy makes me hungry!"

Lower left molar is peeking through, which I think is what caused the 2 month long sleep problem, since you calmed down once all four molars broke through.

April 2009

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