Saturday, July 31, 2010

Misc July Photos

July Summer Camp Week

Making blueberry cake with Gram and Momma.

July 9
You have started saying "So I...". As in, "I was asleep. So I wake up! So I come downstairs." Or "I was wet in the tub. So you dry me off!" All about cause and effect.

July 11
You finally peed on the potty! Without trying too hard, I've been trying to coincide a time when you pee when you are sitting on the potty. So far we have just sat and waited, but tonight you actually peed while sitting there with Daddy! We gave you a yellow peanut M&M (all I had on hand) and did the "Autumn peed, Autumn peed!" dance in the bathroom.

July 26
Debi Mazar just introduced herself on Sesame Street to talk about the word "humongous". Autumn turned to me with a very confused and indignant look and said, "She said her name Debbie. You Debbie!" I told her it was okay if we both had the same name. She finally accepted that I am "Momma Debbie".

July 31
Autumn has an early warning system. If we are talking to loudly, aren't paying attention to her or we are doing something to her she doesn't like, she says, "Hooooooo!" in a high pitched voice. It is pretty ingenious because it ALWAYS gets our attention.

July 2008

July 2009

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