Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cy Fair Fire Fest

This year's Fire Fest was much different from last year's. She was sort of a grump at the beginning. Not really interested in much or wanting to leave Richard's arms. She talked a lot about riding a pony (I was hoping for the llama) so we stood in line. Once it got to her turn, there was nothing doing. I didn't really expect her to, but she was talking like she was going to. It had turned hotter than expected, so I wasn't all that happy either. We spent some time on one side of the fest and then went back to the car to cool off, regroup, and decide if we wanted to go to the second half (where all the fire trucks were) or just go home. She wasn't really happy, and I was hot, but I figured since we were there we might as well just go see the trucks.

So, we traveled down the rode a bit and went to see the fire trucks and the big flag (semi impressed). She saw the life flight helicopter (wasn't impressed), she saw the rescue boat (wasn't impressed). She got a little bag of goodies (wasn't impressed). She was a tough audience that day.

The last thing we visited was the ambulance. As you can see by these pictures she was a tad intrigued. She was quite contemplative about the ambulance and talked about where the person would lay down if they needed help.

Overall I'm glad we went, if only for the comparison to last year's photos. But it wasn't an easy outing. We went to lunch afterward and that wasn't easy either. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

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