Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Big Haircut!

This was a major transformation for Autumn. We had been growing out her hair just because and I was always getting compliments on how pretty it was and how long it was. But really it was scraggly looking. Yes, it had a cute curl to it but it wasn't ever looking strong or healthy. So I had been thinking for awhile about cutting it. On this day we just happened to decide to play in our bathtub for something to do so I figured it would be the perfect day to cut it.

Here is the length it was. It seemed like it would be easy to just chop straight across, but she is wiggly.

It was not even at all, but luckily her hair has that wave to it so was much harder to tell it was uneven when it dries. It changed her hair so much. The part that was left looked so healthy compared to what was attached on the bottom.

It seems like I cut off more than what is here, and I'm sure not all of it made it to the pile, but that is the remains of her first official "big haircut".

Looking through photos and coming to these with her short hair is just amazing. This totally transformed her face. It gave her such a jump into summertime. Richard said it was much easier to do her hair in the bath, though it made her have bedhead more often. I think I'm going to keep it short for the summer and then let it grow out a bit in the fall, but definitely keep it better managed and trimmed from now on.

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