Friday, May 7, 2010

Wildlife Park

In honor of Richard's birthday we drove up to DFW to go to a wildlife park. It was really cool and everyone loved it.

Once we were in the park we put Autumn's car seat in the back and let her move around freely.

Here we are eating lunch halfway through the tour. This was just before we saw the zebras and the giraffes.

It was so awesome to feed this guy. What a rush. I had a palm full of food and his mouth just took all the food almost at once. I'd tell Richard, "Give me more!" and he'd put more food in my other hand.

Autumn wasn't scared of this guy at all. I was really impressed. I can't remember if she touched him or not, but she was just thrilled to be so close to him.

This was just an awesome experience and we went on a day that wasn't scorching so we really lucked out. We will definitely be going back, hopefully next year.

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