Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dewberry Farms

We took Autumn to Dewberry Farms for the first time.  It was a cooler day that got warmer as the day progressed. Here we are checking out the map of all the fun things to do!

The first thing we stopped to do was check out the goats.  It was the funniest set up and we loved it!  They had all these bridges for the goats to climb up and across.

Below is for my mom because we were wondering why people kept donkeys with horses and what their purpose was.

This guy cracked me up!  Peek a boo!

They had this contraption there where you put the food in a cup and then pedal a bicycle wheel so the conveyer belt goes up and when it gets to the top it dumps the food onto a dish.  The goats hear it coming and climb up to get the food.

I thought it was cute how these piggies were all lined up perfectly so their white stripe was continuous!

Watch her grow! Hopefully we'll be back next year and get another picture to compare!

This first slide was pretty normal, she came out at the right speed for someone of her age.

This slide was CRAZY! She came barreling out of this slide.  I was really shocked at how fast it was.  And even more shocked that she wanted to do it again!

Here is the full slide so you can see where she came from!

This kid watching her cracked me up because he said, "Wow, she came out FAST!"

We had a really great time!

Later that night we watched the Aggies play, and I'm pretty sure we won judging by these cheers!

And a super cute picture to go out on!

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