Monday, June 2, 2008

The Traveler, Part 2

While at the grandparents house we introduced Autumn to a lot of my parent's friends. We joked that she was going visitin' or that her dance card was full. We dragged her to and fro and had people come to her. She was a popular baby! Everyone oh'd and ah'd over her (as well they should!) and she ate up the attention.

At her last pediatrician visit the doctor mentioned that we could try starting her on rice cereal. I know that some doctors say wait until 6 months, but she said that some babies are ready earlier. Her thought was that if she knows what to do with rice cereal on a spoon, then she is ready. If not, wait a week and try again until she is. Well, we tried rice cereal on a spoon and she DID NOT like it!

Here she is looking at it with disgust.

Here she is showing her utter disdain for rice cereal as I am concentrating very hard on shoving it into her mouth!

I repeat, rice cereal is a no go! We tried it again a few days later and got the same reaction. So we'll try again in a week or so. We went out and bought a high chair, so at least we'll have a place to put her when we try again.

We flew back home on Tuesday, May 27th. We had another crisis, of course. There were big thunderstorms in the area that morning and it caused chaos at the airport. Our flight originally was delayed an hour, but by the time we got there it had been delayed from 7:00 to 10:00. I couldn't imagine spending 2 hours in an airport with a baby. Luckily there was another flight that had a bunch of empty seats. I had this lady helping me and looking after us so we could get onto the standby flight. When I got up to the ticket counter I said that I had two bags checked, was I a lost cause? She said she could try. So she got on the radio and said that she had a favor for a “lady with a baby” and could they get my bags off the other flight. She said, “Got ‘em? Good.” Then she said, “They got ‘em, Hon, they SHOULD be on this flight.” Wait? Should? Oh well if they didn’t arrive at least we would be in Houston and Richard could help look after her while we waited on the bags. The helpful lady ended up sitting in front of me and kept looking behind asking if I needed anything. She was really nice. Autumn fell asleep about 5 min before takeoff and slept until about 2 min before touchdown. She kept her head on my shoulder during the landing and never uttered a peep. She was marvelous! And she was so happy to see her Daddy!

Then Autumn screamed the entire 30 min ride home. Fun. She slept for 6 hours straight though.

All in all, I'd say her first airplane trip was a successful one. I think I learned what I need to take and what can be left behind. Especially my carry on bag. Although, just because she didn't need anything from it this time, that doesn't mean she won't need it the next trip!

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